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I'm proud to offer a variety of legislative and governmental affairs services, including:

  • Legislative office materials: Create all materials for legislative offices for sponsored legislation or budget proposals, from bill introduction to Governor’s signature.  Research bill ideas, write fact sheets, compose co-author requests, provide sample support letters, advise on committee background sheets, write talking points and witness testimony, create Q&A or FAQ documents, letters to the Governor, and more.  

  • Issue area research: Research previous legislative efforts, key stakeholders, potential opponents of policy issues.

  • Elected official or district research:  Report on vote records and campaign fundraising sources, district demographics, local economies, and major local issues.

  • Custom constituency outreach lists:  Extend outreach in locations or policy spaces with lists of influencers, contact information, and custom policy pitches.

  • Third party ally research: Bring together coalitions for policy proposals and enlist the support of cause champions.

  • Consulting on legislative process, rules and requirements: Advise on policy committee rules, fiscal committee procedures, floor rules and requirements, chaptering out amendments, and more.

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